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Office of Ombuds Services


Office Operating Procedures

The Office of Ombuds Services is a Resource:

  • Listens, counsel and explores options;
  • Clarifies issues;
  • Explains policies and procedures;
  • Facilitates communication and negotiation;
  • Mediates;
  • Makes referrals;
  • Provides training and workshops; and
  • Conducts annual basic mediation training program.
    The Office does not provide legal or psychological counseling.

Office Standards of Practice

The Office of Ombuds Services is Confidential:

  • Does not keep records;
  • Is not an office of notice to the University.

The Office of Ombuds Services is Neutral:

  • Does not advocate for any party or the University; and
  • Promotes fairness and equity.

The Office of Ombuds Services is Informal:

  • Facilitates communication when appropriate;
  • Does not participate in any formal process; and
  • Does not make judgments or decisions.

The Office of Ombuds Services is Independent:

  • Operates within University policy and reports to the Chancellor's Office for administrative and budgetary purposes;
  • Does not represent the University; and
  • Advises and makes recommendations on University policies and processes.

The tenets of Confidentiality, Neutrality, Informality and Independence are absolute and non negotiable. These tenets belong to the Office of Ombuds Services and not the visitor. By reading this, all visitors to the office acknowledge and accept these four tenants. Thus, a visitor cannot request the Office to breach any of the tenets. However, confidentiality may be breached if an Ombudsperson has a reasonable concern about possible violence or physical harm.

The UCLA Ombudspersons are members of the International Ombuds Association, and practice in accordance with its Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.